The Android Spell Check Is Beneficial

By Elena McDowell

Giving texts and writing communications into social media marketing may be filled with errors each time a unit does not use any type of Android spell check. That is a form of software applied to unique cellphones and tablet PC units that have a real functioning system. The essential purpose would be to see if phrases which were entered are spelled correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is many devices may not have any type of checker installed. If a device does not have this application, then often a third-party option may be available. Another thing to think about is waiting for an update to the operating system. However, this may not happen for some devices when updating is not an available option due to restrictions.

Many individuals must have recommendations of what sort of punctuation helpers focus on any specific devices. You will find several units that perhaps will not gain when having a punctuation secretary available. The writing or phrases which can be put into a note or applied to enter a search are examined to see if any are misspelled. These phrases are then outlined for a consumer to fix if needed.

There's also some forms of units with a real OS which have an automatic checker applied to repair misspelled words. This program can be acquired on the basis of the style of the unit and the application that is installed. One solution that could be offered to an individual is the capability to pick the proper term to make use of for any entered information or several other types of data.

The biggest benefit of a spelling assistant is not sending a message with misspelled words. This can be a less than professional when a person cannot see that words are not spelled correctly. One other aspect of using devices with an auto correct is abbreviations. People today use words that many older folks do not really understand which is why they get confused.

Certain apparatuses have a basic connection or tab as an afterthought that might be utilized to turn on the spelling aid. The utilization of this characteristic depends provided that it is truly actuated. This may not be an issue when a gadget has this as a default option. One profit for a client is having prescribed statements that are shown. Most times a client may not be able to understand an expression that is incorrectly spelled.

A computer device that's a simple punctuation secretary will have a way to only focus on writing and not need to take into account phrases that are spelled correctly. What this means is a note or app may be used and never having to continuously review formally entered words. Having less typos ensures that phrases in a note are entered correctly.

The updates to the operating system on many devices means the Android spell check may be old. If the device can be updated, then an improvement may be available. Another option is to look for a new app that can be used for this purpose. There are often many options that can be downloaded and installed.

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Eliminate The Stress And Take A Dip In The Beach

By Elena McDowell

There will come a time in which you will be so sick of the real world has to offer you. Maybe you are loving in the big city, living your big dream, and with a six digit salary that you receive every month. If you are so sick of everything and if it is summer time, perhaps it will be best for you to go to Watch Hill Beach RI. Where you will find relaxation that you will need that will boost all lost energy.

Before anything else, you got to look yourself at the mirror. If you do not have much faith and you do not have that confidence of flaunting your whole body with a hundreds or so people who are having their vacation, then hit the gym. This will tone all your muscles that will give you the confidence in flaunting your body.

Booking ahead of the time is very much needed. It will keep you out from the competition with guests that will be booking for an accommodation in the certain place. Most commonly if it happens to be known in the tourism industry of the said place. So you got to book to keep yourself accommodated as well as save money for discounts

It is also needed that you wear the swimsuit that will fit perfectly to your body. People are going to look at you during the entire vacation so you got to make sure you are not going to be the focal point of everybody's mocks and laughs. Make sure they will perfectly fit to the type of skin that you have for it will boost your confidence in wearing one.

You have to have the right gears for this too. As well as the things that will protect your skin from sun burns. Most especially because you are going to expose yourself in the heat of the rays of the sun. So in order to keep yourself safe, then the sun block, shades and other protective gears should be brought.

And do not forget to take a friend with you. It is much more enjoyable if you have your friends with you that will keep you company. This is also the perfect way for making up for lost times because you have been rafting yourself over work.

If you want to go there alone and by yourself, you may do so. This is perfect in ensuring that you will get a time to spend it on your own. You will also have time in meditating and pondering things. However, you must bear in your mind that you went there to enjoy. And to enjoy means to meet new people.

And also, do not forget to always bring the camera with you. This is the only device that can photograph ones thought. You can also take a picture with that someone who have made an impact to your vacation. You may not see each other again but at least you have a remembrance for keep.

And lastly, do not forget to enjoy while you are at Watch Hill Beach RI. Sure you are stressed and a lot of deadline awaits at you back home. But you got to make sure you take a break. This is the main purpose why you took a leave so you may as well turn off the mobile phone and enjoy the vacation.

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What You Need To Know About Online Business

By Stavros Georgiadis

How to start an online business.Just take on-line business advertising and marketing. There are numerous posts online that pertain to it yet many of the time; it's only the very same aged recycled information which are regularly reworded and passed off as being new. When it comes to online business ideas, you would only want the freshest and most unique.

Remember also that there would certainly be sure points that even the professionals are visiting hide from you. This is still a competitors after all and some info; you would spend for in order to get. This is just exactly how internet marketing works. You do not give out all your procedures if you wish to get ahead. Nevertheless, there are individuals that level to spill every little thing. These are the people that you have to contact. Don't forget, knowledge is power and much more you know, the much better it would certainly be for you and your company.

Online Company Advertising-- Just what You Had to Know

1. Find out best ways to separate realities from fiction. Things with the overload of info is that there's excessive sound that can easily cloud your judgment. Just what many people would not tell you is the truth that not every one of the details found online is accurate or close to being efficient. Actually, if you're not mindful, you may even end up wrecking your possibilities at success and sabotaging your own business. So always put in the time to do a little study prior to you jump into anything.

Neighborhood business marketing is simple and wouldn't cost you a solitary penny. As opposed to the popular idea, nevertheless, you do not need to invest a lot to successful market your business. In this market, believing out of the box would be a regular thing that you need to do.

Online business suggestions are a dime a lots. Yes, this might be real yet you need to bear in mind some point. Not all business suggestions are high.

Use these tips on online marketing so as to earn money with business and marketing.

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Long Island CPA Usage Of Social Media

By Robert Sutter

A Long Island CPA may be needed for a couple of reasons. A company, no matter how tremendous or miniscule it may be, has certain parts of its structure that it may not have fully developed or are completely nonexistent. However, what can be done in order to fulfill these requirements? You may think that this CPA can help you out but you may not be fully aware of the actual companies. The best ones are those who make use of various channels, social media being one of the most powerful.

Social media is a platform that wasn't originally meant to help businesses as much as it was to keep friends connected to one another. These sites were able to stay in touch even while long distances away from one another but it has definitely grown since that point. A network that was, at one time, considered being nothing short of keeping families linked has expanded to where businesses have made themselves known. In what ways have brands been able to bolster their reputations for the long term?

I think that allowing fans to become engaged is one of the most important rules and one that I think deserves more attention than what it is given. Unless you are able to keep your viewers engaged, chances are that they are going to forget about you and leave you in the dust. If there is big news to be shared, it'd up to you to post it. Even if there is nothing but comments left on just a select few posts, being able to reply and leave feedback can do wonders for you.

This being said, how can a Long Island CPA help itself through way of social media? Well, I think that authorities along the lines of CFO Consulting Services have been able to prove themselves over the course of time because of how well they can help just about anyone. Yes, companies have to be serviced in order to facilitate turnarounds, to name one such example. With individuals being given guidance in terms of such things as tax returns, too, the potential is one that I can only describe as limitless.

You can have the finest business that anyone could hope for but awareness has to be set in place for results to come in. This goes for any kind of business you can imagine, whether a Long Island CPA is involved or not. Regardless of what the case may be, I feel as though social media has become more than a capable tool for the sake of getting the word out. Make sure that you are able to understand this so that, in time, your own business will attain success.

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Water Dispenser Supplier Malaysia Additionally Offers You With Beneficial Ideas For A Good Health

By Wesley Loo

Water dispenser supplier Malaysia recommended their buyer to not use the soda, juices of fruits as well as water which have completely different flavor in it completely from their diets.

Thus water dispenser price are fixed and almost identical all over the place in Malaysia.

A water dispenser system is away from the uses of the plastic water bottles which travel from hundreds of miles away and in what type of weather or local weather to come back till your area.

Thus the person will get this sort of purity by utilizing a water dispenser system and for this the particular person should contact directly to a water dispenser supplier Malaysia.

In Malaysia the family is getting the ninety nine percent of pure water and that is simply due to the less water dispenser price as its cost so affordable that it can be purchased by anyone and thus water dispenser supplier ought to really feel completely satisfied that everybody is keeping their household protected and secure.

Something which has happened in a human body is completely affected by the water. Thus A research in Malaysia exhibits that the pure water is the necessity of human as they are only work on the idea of its minerals that are natural.

Thus the person will get this type of purity through the use of a water dispenser system and for this the person should contact directly to a water dispenser supplier Malaysia.

Thus Malaysia is the most important provider of the water dispenser supplier as well as its products is quite good and engaging to and fairly safe for the users.

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Offshore Construction Jobs: Do I Belong Here?

By Kenny Dallas

You may already have heard about the dangers and risks involved with offshore marine employment, but if this is something that gives spark to your interest, you are going for the ride of your life. Being part of offshore construction is truly among the most difficult jobs you can ever take, not only because of the hazards of the ocean, but also because of the hazards of the things that you will be doing.

Before you can be eligible for offshore marine employment, you have to become properly educated and trained for the stuff that you will be going through. Your training will be determined by the country that you will be working for and it will generally include a lot of safety training and the standard operating procedures during an emergency.

Generally, your offshore marine training will involve how to safely work in a marine environment, as well as the standard procedures that you will observe in an event of an emergency or a crisis. Other important stuff that you will learn from your training are basic/advanced survival skills, fire fighting skills, proper use of breathing apparatus, and proper use of survival gear and equipment.

It is important to be aware also that offshore marine employment will also require that you are on top physical condition, as well as having excellent mental stability. Your physical fitness will serve you well on the tough jobs you have to perform on a regular basis, while your mental stability will keep you firm during those long times that you will be stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Another important characteristic that you should have if you want to pursue offshore marine careers is your capability to adapt to any kind of situation. Keep in mind that you are living in the middle of the ocean, and therefore space and resources will be limited. The most common scenario here is that amenities such as toilets and showers are communal, so you'll have to deal with that.

And since facilities such as oil rigs and offshore wind farms make use of many heavy equipment and machineries, you must be able to cope up with the constant noise, especially during the nights when you have to get some sleep. These are just among the things you have to go through in an offshore marine job, so therefore you have to be truly decided before you take part in it.

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The Most Helpful Arts And Crafts Advice

By Freeman Oliver

Are you a person who has always been creative? You may be creative, but you may not be expressing it as often as you'd like. Arts and crafts can be the perfect way to express yourself. Here are a few ideas about arts and crafts that you can use to express yourself creatively.

Do you need a wonderful source for craft supplies? Online retails offer a lot of savings on many supplies. Look on the Internet for the supplies you need. Some of the best Internet stores offer free shipping to help you save money.

You can definitely make some use of old newspapers by helping to prevent damage from craft messes and spills. Once you are done with your projects, you can throw away the newspaper and not have to worry about trying to take care of any issues.

You have the option of using many types of items in your arts and crafts. Any disposable paper goods are great choices. Paper towel rolls can work. You can also use newspapers or magazines. Put your creativity to use on items you normally pitch. You may be surprised with what you come up with.

Look for a bead specialty place, like Beadaholic, to find all sorts of supplies for your custom jewelry. You can find all sorts of beads, chains and accessories to make beautiful pieces. A lot of fashions today include the addition of costume jewelry. Designing your own can save you a lot of money and give your entire wardrobe a lift!

Focus on just one thing. With arts and crafts projects, it can be tempting to start different projects at the same time. This procedure will help you avoid unfinished projects. Take the time to complete one before doing another. This will allow you to finish them.

Then remove the cloudy appearance from the mosaic, by using a bit of glass cleaner to wipe it down. It may be tough to get the mortar powder out otherwise, and it's never a good thing to have that powder ruining your final project.

Stay organized. There are lots of ways to store and organize your supplies. Find a way to work for you. It is much easier to get your hands on the items you need when all of the supplies are well organized. It also gives you an idea of all the things you have to work with.

If you have painted with oils and you are not fond of your creation, you can always paint over it. The surface won't be harmed at all. Actually, you can create something more interesting.

A wonderful way to keep a lot of kids or adults busy is to do some arts and crafts. There are projects out there for people of all ages. Find crafts online for the ages you will be working with.

Since you now have the information you need, you will want to apply them. Go have fun and explore all the options you can. Your free time will be more rewarding when you apply the tips you got right here.

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Up Your Arts And Crafts Knowledge With These Tips

By Shaw Bradford

The entire family can enjoy arts and crafts. All you need is basic knowledge and a few materials. In this article, you are certain to find the knowledge you require. What are you going to make next?

Do you want to get new materials for your arts and crafts projects? Many online retailers offer such supplies at incredible prices. Do a fast web search for the very best deals on crafting materials. There are even merchants who offer free shipping and returns if you purchase a certain amount of supplies.

You can use a variety of materials for crafts. Paper goods you normally throw away are good options. Paper towel rolls and also rolls from toilet paper often end up in craft projects. Magazines and newspapers are good things to use, too. Use some creativity in terms of materials or items you typically dispose of, and put them to arts and crafts use instead.

Let children be creative when it comes to their projects. These projects should inspire creativity. If you continuously point out the flaws in their work, you will defeat the purpose.

Be lenient when your children are getting into their arts and crafts. The idea of doing these types of projects is to foster creativity. You will defeat this purpose if you keep pointing things that your children are doing incorrectly.

If you cannot spend much on supplies, shop at different thrift stores. Different thrift stores and other shops can provide you with many great things. You do have to look regularly though, as great possibilities don't sit on the shelves long.

Crafting is fun with kids. Try not to show concrete examples of the finished product so their imaginations can run wild. They can put an eye where an ear goes. Expressing their own vision is paramount to how they execute the project.

Look to Etsy for supplies. This site sells items from individuals. On top of getting supplies from Etsy, you can also use the site to sell your own wares. This site is ideal for finding vintage media for crafting.

Allow your child's creativity to determine how art projects turn out. You can either forgo the examples or show them different ones so that they just use their imaginations. Maybe your child glues an eye where the ear should be! Just let them have fun.

Now you should feel ready to go. Many people try a new arts and crafts project each day, but end up not completing it because they didn't have great tips such as the one's in the above article. You've been given some great ideas to get you going.

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Need For Retractable Barriers California Suppliers

By Alissa Gilliam

Today we see that with the help of science and technology there are more and more goods that people are using for different kinds of work. Such an item is sold by retractable barriers California suppliers. These devices have been around for the past few decades. They are highly useful since they are light weight and can be easily moved around. There are many places where this device is in constant use. Since they come in different shapes and sizes they can be used for many different functions. A few of the uses as well as kinds of this device is discussed below.

The use of the device is made in many places where there is necessity to demarcate lines and areas. Places like airports can be confusing without the implementation this device. The device is generally used to demarcate areas where the passengers should line up. There are many government offices that also use the devices to demarcate lines. Instead of having lines drawn on the ground, the barricade is sure to be more noticeable and useful. Hence we see that they are widely used to maintain lines.

Construction sites are also common areas where the device is used. The need to demarcate construction area is a safety requirement. The movable boundary ensures that only the workers can get in and out while by standers are able to understand that the area is not be entered.

Even more dangerous construction work is road construction. If the orange cones go unnoticed then any driver may be in for a major accident. This is why there is need for a more noticeable barricade. The removable device can be moved around the construction area while sticking out as a red flag to ongoing traffic.

The most commonly seen use of the device is at places like night clubs, restaurants, red carpet events. Guests are allowed beyond the blockade only if they are there on lists or when it is their turn. Stepping beyond the device can result in immediate action against the accused.

Since there are so many different implementations of device there has to be different kinds of the device as well. There are metallic devices where there is a belt that can be drawn between two metallic poles. These are more elegant and generally heavier.

The need for more flashy demarcations has led to the creation of plastic ones. The belt here is stretched out between two plastic poles and at times even cones. The plastic devices generally come in flashy neon colors.

The devices are light weight so one may wonder how effective the devices are. But the authority that the device has is what makes the device so important. The retractable barriers California suppliers are popular since the device has so many purposes. So, if you do wish to buy such a device then you can easily afford it.

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How To Engage Efficient Atlanta Limo Agencies

By Cornelia Reyes

Travel agencies located all over different states are usually a relief to many travelers. This is so because, such service providers provide vital means of movement to and from different locations in the course of travel. While settling for a particular firm, you must always consider a number of factors. These would ensure that you engage the services of an efficient Atlanta limo service provider, or any other service for that matter.

The rates of service charged by any particular operator must also be considered. Agents that charge extravagant rates ought not to be engaged unless you are sure that you would be able to cover the expenses. Many of these agencies usually have different packages, and it would be almost impossible to miss a package that would not fit your budget.

A suitable service provider may be one that seeks to deliver the best service to its clients. This means that the agency would arrive at set locations on time and in cases where you are traveling to catch a flight, ensure that you arrive at the airstrip on time. This efficiency in the delivery of services is what would assure you of a good time during your travel.

Practicality must also be at the forefront when making your choice. It would be highly impractical for instance for you to settle for an agency that is miles away from your place and the airstrip. This is because you would waste so much time on the way at the risk of missing your flight. An agency of choice must be one that is close to your home to ensure ease of travel.

When hiring such modes of transportation, you normally expect to have a comfortable and pleasant experience. To this regard, the service provider you engage must be one that is always willing to give you the ultimate experience. Basic comforts such as comfortable seats and even cars must therefore not be disregarded during such searches.

The personnel of the potential firm ought to be professional and prudent in all their engagements. Where you feel that the particular employees are incompetent and sluggish, this should be your cue to move on to the next available agent. Taking unnecessary risks concerning your safety is a mistake you would rather avoid.

The firm of choice must be one that takes the safety of its clients seriously. This must be established from the manner in which the agency conducts maintenance services on vehicles and so forth. The cars must always be in good working order, a situation that would ensure the safety and well-being of the clients.

Although it would be important to have the above at hand while settling for reliable Atlanta limo services, you must also be open to other scenarios that may come up. Depending on your location, some other more personalized factors may at times present themselves. To this regard, you must always be open to new ideas and circumstances especially when it comes to hiring of cars.

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Things To Know Regarding Polyimide Film Tape

By Cornelia Reyes

Polyimide film tape is a product that is covered with a high temperature coating. The item could be useful in many cases, because it can stick things together, or it can be a great cover and insulator. The wonderful properties of the materials from which the product is manufactured make it resistant to high temperatures, abrasion and other agents.

Polyimide tape is also called kapton and it is used in many domains. People who use 3D printers usually consider the material useful. The band can be great for sticking computer parts and different electronic devices, such as mobile phones. The tapes are made from polymeric plastic material that is made in such a way to have long term performance.

In domains like electrical industries, electronics and aerospace, the material is used often. Polyimide is usually chosen because it has good durability in extreme conditions. The resistance to high temperatures makes the product withstand decomposing and shrinking. Between certain temperatures, bar codes are known not to decompose.

The materials behave as electrical insulators in an excellent way. The resistance to elevated temperatures and abrasion are can be very important properties for the way in which the products are used. There are two ingredients in the material and each of them could have some impurities, like water vapors and iron traces from solvents.

The main properties of polyimide film tape could be the following: thin and conformable, awesome insulator, does not leave many residues and has a good strength against tear, abrasion, impact and high temperatures. The tapes are typically used for coil winding, circuit board assembly, gold finger protection, planting masks and many other applications.

Because heat is applied many times during the manufacturing procedures, the product could become darker with each application. In the label industry colors standards for tapes do not exist. Another typical application of the product can be for making integrated circuits resistant to dangerous temperatures and high pressure levels.

It is known that static energy can destroy electric boards and circuits. By applying tape around the wires, joints and clips of a circuit, you can ensure a high level of protection against discharge of energy. For industrial use, there are some things to consider when an acquisition is made, such as material properties and temperature conditions in which it will be used. It could be good to do some research before choosing an item.

In time, the properties of the material can decrease. The continuous exposure to contaminants, dust and differences of temperatures can severely affect the performance of the material. For protection purposes, the best thing to do could be to choose double sided tape. The solution can be more expensive, but it provides much more coverage against environmental agents.

Polyimide film tape can be the best material for protecting and providing insulation for microchips, motors and electronic circuits. Thermal insulation is one of the notable properties of the product and this makes it suitable for different industries. Label making is among the best applications of the material.

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Easily Deciding From Phoenix Golf Courses

By Cornelia Reyes

Consumers involved in any kind of sporting event are known to fully appreciate their free time and ability to simply escape everyday responsibilities. Many of the sports that people play are reliant on the use of specific businesses and tools for success which can be difficult to try and sort through when being assured that all facets of their skill building efforts are as readily maintained as possible. Consumers concentrating on this need should understand the fundamentals of choosing from Phoenix golf courses.

Golf courses are designed to offer the grounds and features that people need to successfully participate in this sport. Consumers are generally interested in finding a place to play on a consistent basis in an attempt to become more familiar with the putting areas and successfully build upon their level of skill. Choices made from all possible facilities are quite difficult to consider when needed.

Anyone in Phoenix that is concentrating on this type of facility is offered a plethora of options to consider. Many consumers learn that trying to sort through all possible options is more difficult than anticipated as they are often comparable in what is offered. Concentrating on several key factors is quite useful in making a wise selection.

Many enthusiasts begin their choices by concentrating on consumer reviews that have been created about the facility. Review forums are incredibly useful in offering people the insights needed to make a great choice from any kind of purchase or service related decision they are trying to make. The highest rated facilities are often the best to focus in on by people concerned about quality and reputation.

An additional facet of consideration in this process is being assured that all levels of skill are accommodated by the facility. Golfers are all quite varied with their skill levels and abilities which can be difficult to contend with and match to the putting grounds that are actually offered and accessed. Consumers should be confident the facility offers access to areas for all skill levels as part of ensuring all playing needs and abilities are readily managed.

Golf pros should also be available when making this particular selection. Professionals that are employed by the facility are usually equipped to provide lessons and technique improvement suggestions to consumers which are usually able to drastically help them become more proficient with their game. Professionals should be available at little to no added cost.

Additional features and amenities offered from the facility should generate interest as well. Many courses are equipped with restaurants and bars as well as retail shops that offer the ability to make purchases for the sport which can be useful from a consolidation standpoint. These additional features are helpful in creating a more pleasant experience.

Phoenix golf courses should be affordable to join. The costs of making this participating in this sport are commonly difficult for people to contend with when attempting to be certain their budgets are managed while still having access to their source of recreation. Finding reasonable prices for the most extensive playing solutions help people receive a great deal.

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Selecting A Family Summer Vacation

By Simon James

When searching for a European family vacation in the sun make sure you think about what you would require to make the most of your holiday. If the children are looked after more often than not the adults are pleased as well.

If you have children them you will in all likelihood know that most of them enjoy to spend hours playing on the beach. If you do not live close to the beach or the weather is not warm enough the next best alternative is a vacation in the sunshine.

Umpteen hotels provide kids clubs and this could provide the kids with fun activities throughout the day and evening. This would give you time to unwind and enjoy sunbathing or have a few beverages at the pool bar. Many of hotels also provide activities for adults as well so while the kids are busy you can be as well.

The optimal time to book a holiday is normally as soon as feasible. The earlier you book the bigger the choice of lodgings and flight dates you have to choose from. You also have a great chance of getting an early booking deduction and perhaps a free kid place. Most holiday firms also have special low deposit deals available to enable you to book your holiday early without having to pay out too much.

If you select a good resort with access to other activities or points of interest you could easily mix the amount of time you spend doing each. This will help break up the holiday and let you all enjoy it more. Most accommodation or vacation representatives will be able to counsel you on the best trips to go on and will also be able to book you on them. Make sure you check to see if you can do them yourself at a better price first and look out for any special deduction coupons.

A family vacation is something you can all look forward to and it is always a good idea to get the whole family involved when you are planning it. There is unquestionably a benefit to knowing that you have something to look forward to. Plan and start looking for your ideal summer vacation now.

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Oktoberfest. A Beer Celebration That Gets Munich's Festival Mood On

By Jordan Ebor

I think I would really love my wedding to be the reason for celebrating beer! Feast a queen and a king by tasting as much beer as my liver can bear, eating while people are dancing until their feet go numb. OK, Challenge accepted. I'm getting married at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!

This gigantic festival celebrating beer is held in Munich every year commencing in September. One thing I have to warn you about though, Munich is so crowded during Oktoberfest that getting there and actually sitting at a table inside a beer hall can take longer than you expected. If you're going to go to Oktoberfest then you have to factor in that there will be huge crowds in Munich. I knew this before I went, so I got in line early on the opening day just to get ready for the Beerfest.

So what should you wear at Oktoberfest? Well the traditional Oktoberfest costume is a Dirndl dress for the girls and the Lederhosen for the guys. Both outfits are very traditional in Bavaria and you definitely will not look out of place at Oktoberfest if you rent or buy one these traditional costumes. They are sold throughout central Munich and cost somewhere between 80 and 300 Euros. If you want to look the part then make sure you look into getting a Dirndl or Lederhosen.

I stayed in a hotel that was a short walk to the Theresienwiese, which is the name of the area for the Oktoberfest grounds. Munich has plenty of accommodation options, but like anywhere if you want the cheapest price then you should book early. Hotel prices start from around 150Euro per night for a 3 night stay. If you're looking at saving a bit of money on the accommodation then you can also look at hostels and campgrounds.

Like most European cities the public transport is incredible in Munich and you can easily get into and out of the Oktoberfest grounds. The U4 and U5 Metro Lines will take you right to the Oktoberfest grounds with a train arriving around every 10 minutes at the most.

When I first got there I was dazed and confused seeing so many Bavarian people ready to start to party. One wise solution for meeting new people to spend time with, particularly if you are by yourself, is just start up conversations with the people around you. The party people at Oktoberfest are very friendly and if you get the chance to meet locals you will have a more authentic trip and probably learn a thing or two about Munich or the Oktoberfest along the way.

I caught up with some local Bavarians in the Paulaner beer hall who mentioned that there favourite Oktoberfest food is a 1/2 metre long Bratwurst sausage in a large hot dog bun. It is basically a gigantic grilled pork sausage hot dog! Im not normally a big pork eater, but I found out that it is very popular in Germany. Now of course it would not be the Beerfest without beer would it? I found out very quickly that the Oktoberfest beer is much stronger than normal beer and that is just not the alcohol, because the glasses are HUGE! The beer comes in a gigantic 1 liter glass stein. This is also called a Mass in German. So if you want one beer, remember "Ein Mass". A Mass costs around 9euro, but a tip is pretty much mandatory, so a beer will cost you at least 10Euro. After a few drinks you will definitely be singing drinking songs, dancing on the tables and having so much fun. The atmosphere in a beer hall is fantastic with everyone dancing and singing all night long. I left the Oktoberfest when my beer hall, the Lowenbrau, closed at 10.30pm. The trip home in the Metro was hilarious with everyone still partying from the beer halls.

One last thing, if you want to go with a group of similar people you should hook up with one of the Oktoberfest tour groups. Use search engines for companies that specialize in that. They are offering a place to sleep, sometimes with breakfast includes, as well as transport to the festival ground. Some even fly or bus you there from London.

I highly recommend that everyone celebrates beer at least once in their life. Oktoberfest should definitely be on your to do list. I will be back next year for sure.

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